Our lives are filled with stress, and very often, we don't perceive how an energy block or imbalance actually affects us.

I want you to live your life with increased vitality, greater self-awareness, and the ability to better navigate life's ups and downs. Over the last 18 years, I've developed a signature methodology to reharmonize the disorganized energies we all have. It is an eclectic, but effective mix, that results in clients feeling very relaxed and grounded, often having gained powerful personal insights.

The Experience

I want each of my clients to feel as if we are partners navigating their individual care journey.

During the session, I will draw on my breadth of experience and work to intuit how I can best tailor the session uniquely to you.

Your session may involve elements of hands-on energy healing, template clearing, crystal therapy, and a sound bath featuring vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls, drums and toning that lead you into a state of deep relaxation.

At the end of the session, we'll check back in, and I'll share the highlights of what your energies revealed and recommendations for exercises to do to continue your care journey at home and help stabilize the shifts that occurred during our session.

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  • Getting to know you

    A first session begins with a conversation about what's going on for you physically, emotionally and energetically. In advance, you will have completed an intake form with highlights of your health and personal history that you are comfortable sharing.

  • Reading your energy flow

    Once we begin, I'll ask you to rest fully clothed on a massage table while I assess various energy flows. Every person is unique, and therefore every person's energy flow is as well. I'll investigate any of the concerns we discussed in our consultation to fully plan this session's care strategy.

  • Mixed-Modality Energy Care

    As I work, I invite shifts to occur through movements of my hands, voice, crystals, drums and singing bowls. This modality honors the wisdom of your body and experience, so we can dialogue as much or as little as you like, throughout the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are subtle energies?

Subtle energy is a term used to describe energies that Western technology cannot yet measure but have been foundational to holistic wellbeing practices for millennia. Yoga, qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine and myriad indigenous traditions around the globe incorporate this energy that forms the dynamic infrastructure of our bodies. It is also referred to with terms such as prana, qi, ki, and bioenergetic field.

What are the benefits of energy care?

By tending to our subtle energies, we change how we experience life. With regular practice of energy care, people feel greater vibrancy, mental clarity, less anxiety, increased happiness, and have more self-awareness and resilience in stressful situations. Depending on what a person’s particular needs are, they may also experience pain relief, improved sleep and other benefits. Learn more by here.

Energy care can also be a way to explore and release old patterns of feeling and thought that are restricting your current life.

What are your qualifications?

I began exploring energy healing in 1995 and have studied Healing Touch, Reiki, Yan Xing Qigong and, most recently, Eden Energy Medicine, with gifted healer Donna Eden. I am an Advanced Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine and a certified instructor for the Energy Medicine Fundamentals course. Because self-knowledge is an intrinsic part of helping others to heal themselves, an important aspect of my qualifications is my 4-year study with Turkish teacher and healer Levent Bolukbasi at the IM School of Healing Arts. This experience focused on developing self-awareness and healing my own psychological and energetic patterns that impeded my ability to be present and steady with others. I am also a student of sound therapist, Jane Shallberg, who directs the Arizona Sound & Music Therapy Institute where I study the ancient practice of Himalayan singing bowls.

How many sessions does it take for clients to feel a difference in their energies?

Almost all clients feel some kind of shift in their first session. However, one of the key principles of energy care is that energy that is blocked needs to be re-habituated into flow. Shifts occur during sessions but become stabilized by the home care a client does after the session and by ongoing sessions focusing on different aspects of an energy system.

Can energy care support my pregnancy?

Yes. Clients have reported that sessions and follow-up home care help with some of the uncomfortable sensations experienced during pregnancy such as nausea and pelvic pain. Additionally, since I can feel the baby’s energy separate from that of the mother’s, it  can be very reassuring to have me tune in to the little one.

Is energy care helpful when navigating a cancer diagnosis?

Regardless of the path a person takes to navigating a cancer diagnosis, energy care is helpful. Clients find that regular sessions before and after surgery, during chemo and radiation, and at the end of all allopathic treatments can help be helpful. If someone chooses not to have allopathic interventions, energy care can be one of the many complementary modalities that strengthens them. Often, people feel more vibrant and positive after a session. Since the physical body has to endure a lot during cancer treatment, tending to the energy pathways and restoring resilience can feel very restorative. Additionally, it is common for folks with cancer to feel as if their entire system is not functioning. Energy testing and acknowledging the places where energy flow is strong serves to remind the client that there continues to be wellbeing, even through cancer treatment.

How is energy care similar to or different from acupuncture? What about Reiki?

All of these practices engage subtle energies. Acupuncture utilizes the meridians that are foundational to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong. Reiki works largely with the chakra system, which is often referenced in yoga. Energy care, as I practice it, balances these energy systems and others including the aura, radiant circuits and the basic grid.

Do I have to be sick to benefit from energy balancing?

No! Not at all. An energy balancing session can help you deeply relax, feel more positive and build your resilience. These things are always beneficial, regardless or whether you are ill or not.

Why would I choose to work towards a Grid Repair?

Teacher and healer, Donna Eden, sees the Basic Grid as an energetic infrastructure which forms the bedrock of all our energy systems. When that fundamental infrastructure is damaged by an intense emotional or physical trauma, other energetic balancing doesn’t hold over time and may distort our ability to thrive. When a grid is repaired, not only is your full energy is returned to you, but you may have experienced profound insights into your life and wellness.

What’s a soundbath and why would I want to experience one?

During a sound bath session, I create a meditative experience for the client where they are bathed in different sound wavelengths. I follow my intuition and produce waves using my voice, drums, chimes and Himalayan singing bowls.  Among the benefits are relaxation, an increased sense of wellbeing, expanded awareness, and access to inner visionary experiences. A sound bath is also another way to free energy blockages, similar to what occurs in an energy balancing session, but with less direction from me or the client.

What are himalayan singing bowls?

The use of Tibetan Singing Bowls as a healing art dates back over 2,500 years, and comes from the Himalayan regions of Tibet, India and Nepal. This modality has been recently brought to the Western world, with techniques and methodology to support wellbeing. The bowls are made from an alloy of seven metals and are a type of bell that can be struck or rubbed to create sound waves. I place bowls on and around a client to facilitate outcomes including reduction of stress and anxiety, decreased pain, increased energy and alertness, decreased depression and improved sleep. Clients say that they feel simultaneously deeply relaxed and energized after a session.

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  • Expertise

    “Shura’s expertise has helped me access the deeper root causes of my challenges and energetic blockages. By mending and releasing where appropriate she has helped me repair disconnections and strengthen energy streams, cultivating resilience and overall well being. “

    - Erin O.

  • Partnership

    "Over the last four months Shura has assisted my healing journey over Zoom with remarkable effects! In our meetings I have felt completely secure with a highly skilled and experienced healer ‘standing shoulder to shoulder’ with me in my process."

    - Lise, UK

  • Support

    "Shura's ability to tune-in to my energies and follow their flow always amazes me. The strength of her presence supports the shifting of energies and my sense of safety in allowing the shifts to happen. I trust her completely as a practitioner, and would recommend her to any friend!"

    - Paige, FL

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