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Grid Repair

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The most foundational energy that exists in the body is the Basic Grid. The Grid can become damaged as a result of shock or trauma. This may cause problems that reverberate throughout the person’s energy systems and physical structure. The sacred process of Grid Repair mends the disrupted grid and provides a newly stable foundation for the person, allowing them to adapt to the world in new and more positive ways. This is custom tailored session which can vary in the time needed to complete the repair. Most grid repair sessions are 90 mins. 

Because you must be energetically sturdy in order to be ready for a grid repair, there are a number of specific balancing sessions that need to occur first. Usually, the possibility of a grid repair comes up after several sessions together and we work toward that, addressing each necessary component in. The actual grid session can take up to 3 hours or more and is often experienced as a deeply sacred time/time/event. Please wait to schedule a Grid Session until you've talked with Shura.

Teacher and healer, Donna Eden, sees the Basic Grid as an energetic infrastructure which forms the bedrock of all our energy systems. When that fundamental infrastructure is damaged by an intense emotional or physical trauma, other energetic balancing doesn’t hold over time and may distort our ability to thrive. When a grid is repaired, not only is your full energy is returned to you, but you may have experienced profound insights into your life and wellness.

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Let's work together!

I cannot wait to work with you and begin to navigate your unique energy journey. I love helping my clients discover a greater sense of awareness and release some of the held energy that has been working against them finding true life balance.

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  • "Shura's ability to tune-in to my energies and follow their flow always amazes me. The strength of her presence supports the shifting of energies and my sense of safety in allowing the shifts to happen. I trust her completely as a pracitioner, and would recommend her to any friend!"  

    -Paige, Tallahassee,  FL

  • "She carefully and intuitively listens to my concerns and symptoms and then exquisitely attends to my healing needs.  I make and sustain improvement as each session builds upon the previous one. It’s so gratifying to see my vitality and resiliency increase over time!"