Did you know energy care can help you manage a cancer diagnosis?

Did you know energy care can help you manage a cancer diagnosis?

In a time when your mind and body are taking a lot of “hits,” energy care can be a gentle support to you on your cancer journey. For most people, it is a supremely challenging time from the initial diagnosis through decisions about treatment to preparing for and recovering from surgeries, chemo, radiation or other interventions. Regardless of whether someone chooses an alternative/natural treatment path, a more traditional Western/allopathic approach or a combination of the two, energy care is a powerful complement to what you and your medical doctors decide is best for you. It’s helpful in a number of ways, including processing difficult emotions, boosting energy levels, stimulating self-healing abilities and affirming a positive relationship with your body.

Intense emotions such as terror, stress, and anxiety are often aspects of navigating cancer. For my clients, energy balancing and sound therapy have proven to be excellent strategies for working with these emotions so that they don’t overtake their lives as they move through treatment. By using energy balancing of the meridians to calm the sympathetic nervous system and support the vagus nerve, it is possible to return to a feeling of stability despite all the uncertainty. 

Clients often show up feeling deeply fatigued and lethargic as a result of chemo or radiation. They usually leave feeling more vibrant and positive after a session. Since the physical body has to endure a lot during cancer treatment, tending to the energy pathways and restoring resilience can feel very restorative. Additionally, it is common for folks with cancer to feel as if their entire system is not functioning. Energy testing and acknowledging the places where energy flow is strong serves to remind the client that there continues to be wellbeing, even through cancer treatment.

By incorporating sound therapy modalities, such as Himalayan singing bowls, into energy balancing sessions, I create additional opportunities for your body’s natural healing abilities to be stimulated. The sound frequencies of singing bowls slow down brain waves to a deeply restorative state which activates your own self-healing.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you may find that your relationship with your body becomes complicated. It may start to feel untrustworthy or unknown to you, like a betrayer, separate from who you know yourself to be or like an enemy. This can be painful and disconcerting and may result in you feeling like you are fragmented. One of the beauties of energy care is that through energy testing you are able to see and celebrate the ways that your body continues to function and remains your ally. 

A client reflected, “When I went through treatment for breast cancer, my experience was of being pulled out of my body. All the old pillars of my physical existence, of what it felt like to live in my body, collapsed. It was unnerving and terrifying. Working with Shura returned me to myself. It calmed me, put my pieces back together, connected me back to the earth, and made me feel more like myself. Cancer can be an initiatory journey; energy medicine is a boon companion into the underworld and back.”

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