BENEFITS OF ENERGY CARE PART I: Migraines, Anxiety and Oversensitivity

BENEFITS OF ENERGY CARE PART I: Migraines, Anxiety and Oversensitivity

In some ways, it feels kind of funny to me to try and talk about the benefits of energy care, in general, and especially of having balanced energies. I say that, because not only does it depend on the person and their specific needs but also because the potential benefits are so wide-ranging. 

That said, I can give you insight by sharing some of my own experiences. For me, one of the most life-changing results of starting to attend to my energies using the wisdom of Donna Eden and Eden Energy Medicine is connected to migraine headaches. According to my Mom, I got my first migraine when I was two years old. (A genetic gift from my grandmother and father) They were excruciating, involving two days of intense pain, nausea and debility. In their worst form, I passed out or ended up in the emergency room for injections of high-powered  pain medication. These episodes shaped my life, as I was always fearful of when the next bout would come and was hypervigilant as a result. Although it wasn’t completely predictable, I often got migraines after periods of intense stress, which usually meant school holidays or family vacations. As you can imagine, that was fun for everyone. I tried everything, from biofeedback to excluding all caffeine and chocolate from my diet for years, to regimented consumption of water, to strict exercise regimens, to daily medication in attempts to free myself from the headaches. Nothing ever worked. 

Then I encountered energy balancing. Although I can’t say exactly when the shift happened, I know that I started practicing Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine and did these exercises for three years without skipping a day. By the time I allowed myself to take a day off  here and there, I had long stopped having migraines. In other words, after decades of pain and discomfort, by balancing my energies and managing life’s stresses energetically, my body had new ways of dispelling the stress and tension and no longer turned to migraines. That is the power of energy care.

Perhaps because of the hypervigilance I developed because of migraines or maybe just because I’m wired this way, I tend towards anxiety. Some days I wake up already jumping out of my skin which is uncomfortable for me and tends to make me internally panicky and irritable with those around me. Being able to reach into my toolbox of energy balancing tools on any given morning and calmly move through simple exercises that relax me, releasing the bind of anxiety iis a profound gift. It allows me to be more present with myself, kinder towards my family and more compassionate with the people I encounter. 

The last benefit of energy medicine that I want to talk about in this blog post is something that many folks interested in complementary healing modalities are familiar with. I used to be profoundly impacted by other people’s energies. I hated being in malls. Cities stressed me out and being in the company of angry, stressed or anxious people was really difficult and uncomfortable. I used to travel by bus to New York City from tranquil Ithaca, NY in order to attend the first year of classes of my Eden Energy Medicine Foundations class. Getting off the bus in the city was like being buffeted by a storm and being in class for several days with 15 other people wiped me out. Although I used energy care techniques to strengthen my aura and the connection between my central and governing channels as part of my daily routine, it never occurred to me that I could experience the world and its people differently. Much to my surprise, one day I got off the bus and instead of feeling overwhelmed, I felt enlivened and joyful. My energy system had learned how not to be over-permeable to the energy of others. I was able to enjoy the liveliness of a fabulous urban environment without getting depleted. Amazing! Now, when I travel into a highly populated area (or even a shopping center), I take the time to fortify my already robust energy system to make sure that I can enjoy what’s to come.

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