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Template Clearing

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For all of us, challenging life experience and traumas can take root in our energy systems, causing imbalances that stay with us and impact how we interact with others and navigate our daily lives. For example, if you experienced food insecurity as a child, the belief that there is never enough may be held in your body, impacting how you experience abundance and scarcity. Clearing those imbalances brings your energy back into harmony, giving a fresh start with the issues in question. This is a 75 minute session that includes a written overview of the session and exercises to continue the work at home. 

What is energy medicine?

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Let's work together!

I cannot wait to work with you and begin to navigate your unique energy journey. I love helping my clients discover a greater sense of awareness and release some of the held energy that has been working against them finding true life balance.

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  • "Shura's ability to tune-in to my energies and follow their flow always amazes me. The strength of her presence supports the shifting of energies and my sense of safety in allowing the shifts to happen. I trust her completely as a pracitioner, and would recommend her to any friend!"  

    -Paige, Tallahassee,  FL

  • "She carefully and intuitively listens to my concerns and symptoms and then exquisitely attends to my healing needs.  I make and sustain improvement as each session builds upon the previous one. It’s so gratifying to see my vitality and resiliency increase over time!"